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Welcome to Bananasaurus Rix© Banana Reference Page. An offering of pages, links and information about or related to the history, production and uses for bananas. There are over 75 types of bananas that have been classified. I grow about 26 varieties of them in my backyard (1/4 acre in Florida). It's kind of like a suburban plantation; a wild assortment of edible landscapes, compost bins and native plants

I've been working on these pages since Sept. 1995. And since then I have received email from hundreds of people from all around the world and in all different climates who are interested in growing bananas. Based on my correspondance with these people it is apparent that bananas can be grown in any region of the world with the right care.

After you master the art of growing the world's most perfect fruit, the next trick is accumulating enough uses for 60lbs. of bananas before they rot in 3 days. Click on one of the bananas to the left and learn more about the Wonderful World Of Bananas!

Other than constantly thinking up new uses for bananas in various states of decay, I occupy my mind and my time with a number of other things. Go ahead, click on the picture and see what is going on inside Rick's head...

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

All information on this site is copyrighted material of Bananasaurus Rix©. Any use of this material used herein is prohibited without the express written permission of Banansaurus Rick. Ask first, he usually says yes.

© 1995 Banansaurus Rix